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Unique to LinksManager users, Linklets are a powerful method for displaying links from your LinksManager account.  Linklets allow for alternative publishing methods other than the standard "Yahoo"-style, categorized search engine directory including full customization and exciting new design possibilities.  Using the links in your LinksManager account and the Linklets technology, you can:

  • Create "AdWords"-style text advertisements on your website, so the displayed text ads are related to the content of that page

  • Create a system of rotating banner links or text links

  • Create a custom news ticker with links fed from your LinksManager account

  • Create a random "link of the day" popup window

  • Create relevant text links within an article that appears on your website

  • Create a dynamic calendar

  • Create a phone directory with a "for printing only" format

  • Create lists of Featured Links

  • And anything else you can dream!

All of the examples above can be created, and use the links directly from your LinksManager account!

Visit the Linklet Library to view available Linklet examples. If you do not see a Linklet that suits your needs, please feel free to Contact Support to discuss your Linklet idea with a Representative.

How does it work?
Within your LinksManager account, a simple Linklets text scripting editor is available.  From here, you can follow our Linklets Technical Development Notes, copy example Linklets code, or create a new Linklet from scratch.  By simply saving a Linklet's code, the resulting file is automatically created, and sent to your web server via FTP.  Once the resulting Linklet file is on your web server, you can treat it as any other file, by displaying it, linking to it, or call it using Server Side Includes or iFrames.

Who can use Linklets?
To utilize Linklets, a moderate-to-expert level of expertise in scripting languages (i.e. PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, .NET) is helpful but not required.  If you do not have web scripting proficiency, but you know exactly what you want, and you can create visual "mock-ups" in basic HTML, and the LinksManager Helpdesk Staff can produce your Linklets for you.

Are there limitations to Linklets formats?
Linklets are primarily for outputting "link" content.  There are no limitations on the output format of Linklets.  Need your links in a custom XML format?  No problem.  SQL?  What about HTML fragments that can be Server Side Included into your existing web content?  A drop down link list that can navigate to other pages?  A simple list of news events?  Want to integrate with your own click tracking script?  Any of these can be accomplished with Linklets. 

The future direction of Linklets will largely be determined by LinksManager users.  As specific Linklet functionality needs arise, the team will extend the underlying Template Toolkit to include the requested functions.  Visit the Linklet Library to view available Linklet examples. If you do not see a Linklet that suits your needs, please feel free to Contact Support to discuss your Linklet idea with a Sales Support Representative.

Linklets Technical Development Notes
Linklet Library

'Linklets' is a registered trademark of Creative NetVentures, Inc.

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