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Top 10 Reasons To Use LinksManager
10 No software to download ever (except the LinksManager browser based Toolbar)
Since LinksManager is an application service, there are never any scripts, software, updates, or patches to download and install.  All you need to work with your LinksManager account is a web browser and an internet connection, so you can access your account from almost anywhere.

The LinksManager Toolbar is a value-added browser based add-on module which does require download and easy installation. The core LinksManager service never requires downloads or installations.
9 Fast and easy setup
A new LinksManager account can be set up and running in ten minutes.  Are you new to the web or a computer novice?  Don't worry, because our helpful support staff can setup your account at no additional cost.
8 Full cosmetic integration
Any website, regardless of the complexity of design, can be integrated with LinksManager in minutes. Powerful LinkletsSM technology makes it possible to serve links within content and with any design, format, or layout you can imagine.
7 Automated FTP support
Automated FTP support allows your links pages to live on your web server, under your domain, at the location of your choice.  If your web server doesn't allow FTP, a solution is also available.
6 Editor-based and easy to use
As account owner, you have total control of what websites you link to, which means you alone (not some computer or script) determines the quality of your links pages.   A powerful control panel makes it easy to approve, edit, and delete links, check stats, view reciprocation and dead link status, and more.
5 Automated emails keep link partners informed
Email communications are automatically handled by LinksManager.  With state-of-the-art security designed into the system, it is technically impossible to use a LinksManager account to send or receive spam and unsolicited emails.
4 Reciprocal and dead link checkers
LinksManager views the links in your account and reports which websites are linking back to your website.  Links pages with dead links are a thing of the past.  LinksManager reports dead links and can automatically remove them temporarily from your links pages until they are online again.  The LinksManager checkers abide by the robots.txt exclusion standard and are web friendly.
3 Integrated with
LinksManager offers semi-automated link requesting with related websites listed on our sister site,  Link requests are initiated individually and must be approved by the other webmaster one-at-a-time, facilitating thoughtful and relevant linking for the end user.
2 LinkletsSM facilitate state-of-the-art publishing methods
A powerful addition to the LinksManager system, LinkletsSM provide you with absolute control over the output of link content through the use of a Template Toolkit editor.  LinkletsSM allow you to publish links and link data within your website's content to make a rich and unique experience for your website visitors.
and the number one reason to use LinksManager is ...
1 LinksManager is ethical by design
The entire LinksManager program has been designed around a high code of ethics and web responsibility.  LinksManager and our customers are considered "good neighbors."  Pages generated by LinksManager are static HTML, do not use doorway pages, hidden text, or other bad webmastering techniques designed to "trick" search engines.  Using LinksManager, you can rest assured that the pages you create are focused on creating a quality experience of your website visitors.  more information
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Reciprocal and Dead Link Checker
Learn about the reciprocal and dead link checker. THE most time-saving feature of LinksManager.

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