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"BRILLIANT! Thanks a lot HelpDesk, that's perfect!" - Rob Scott,

"A Support Desk to Beat ALL Support Desks! I just had to leave some feedback here for the Links Manager Support Team. Even though I am on my FREE TRIAL, every question or problem I've had, even if the answers already appeared in the knowledge base, were answered with courtesy, accuracy and extensive detail. You guys answered questions I hadn't even thought of yet! I am very excited by the fact that for the first time our web site is participating in this all-important reciprocal link building process. Links Manager in combination with Links Partners has made the daunting task of finding and exchanging links with relevant web sites something I look forward to instead of dread! Thank you, LinksManager " - Billie Raven,

"I want to express my sincere thanks to the LinksManager team for assisting me in my need to add links to my site. My lack of knowledge of the inner workings of the internet have procluded me from advancing in a positive direction with my site. Your help has been a very welcomed input, and as mention, sincerely appreciated. I found your system of obtaining relevant links is the easiest and the most comprehemsive program on the internet, and I profoundly recommend it to others without any reservations whatsoever. Thanks again. " - William Goehring,

"LinksManager did an awesome job walking a newbie through the process of setting up LinksManager on a site that wouldn't work with FTP - excellent service! Thanks" - Andy Ghillyer,

"I love this service and am always 100% satisfied. There is not one time where my requests for help were not handled in a timely manner. I am impressed with LinksManager and will recommend this service to anyone who has a website." - Glenn H. Kipps,

"I greatly appreciate the very quick and thorough technical support that the LinksManager staff provides when my account hiccups! They certainly make my day a whole lot easier - you are all Aces High in my book! " - Stephen Seabrook,

"Hi, There were initial conversion problems between my web host and LinksManager, but I wanted to thank you for your ongoing support until closure. I am happy to say that my problems were quickly resolved. You responded to each and every one of my inquiries, and I am truly grateful for your prompt solutions to those issues." - Don Richardson,

"Hi, I have been a LinksManger user for some time now. I have over 500 reciprocal links as reported by LinksManager and 500 plus reciprocal links as reported by my Google WebMaster Tools. Google lags a couple of weeks behind compared to LinksManager, but both reports are accurate. I give credit to LinksManager in keeping my reciprocal links accurate and honest. The help and expertise has been superior. Thank you and on to the next 500, which by the way it gets easier as you go." - Bob Millsaps,

"We have been very impressed with the Links Manager service after converting from the manual approach about 4 months ago. The technical support group is very responsive and helpful in getting you started, and has already helped us build an email campaign to quickly seed a catalog of links for our Amazon Web Store. We can now respond to link requests the same day we receive them and spend a small fraction of the time we did previously. We also had no idea who was reciprocating before. This information is immediately available, and we feel like we actually understand how well we're doing with respect to our link building campaign. Thanks for an excellent service!" President , Racks for All

"Thank you for the great service.  Your service is superb and we have put off joining for too long. Very impressive and easy to use." - Scot Spalding,

"LinksManger is by far one of the most useful services for any business owner to have at their disposal. It allows for a quick, clean, easy, and most importantly; a professional looking links program that allows the busy Webmaster the time to work on other website projects and yet have a links program they can spend a few hours with a week, or even a month, and get outstanding results for their site. Coupled with their outstanding staff that is quick, courteous, and professional with their prompt replies Linksmanager is an invaluable service that we would and have recommended to any Webmaster." - Moore Pet Supplies, We have pet doors of all sizes for any entrance.

"Want to say that we really appreciate all that you have done for us over the months. You have helped us in our goals of raising our page rank and in getting better known on the web. It is always gratifying to work with knowledgeable professionals. Thank you - Can't wait to see where you will take us next." - Bob and Lynne Millsaps, We write & photograph the Caribbean Island Roatan

"When I first started trading links, I did everything manually, including searching for links, emailing the request, posting the link and then checking to see if they responded. This was a VERY tedious process and didn't give me much time, in my busy business schedule, to really focus much time and effort on building reciprocal links.  Now, LinksManager does it all for me. Giving me time to not only find a lot more links, but also find much more relevant links.  I would recommend (and have already recommended) LinksManager to anyone who is looking for a dynamic, easy to use and fool-proof system for exchanging links." - Paul S.,

"I have used LinksManager for over 2 years now and it is the most ethical and effective program on the market today.  It has allowed me to be in total control of the links I accept or decline and as we all know the game is not how many sites have a link to your site but how many RELEVANT links. This program has reduced the time spent on my linking campaign from approximately 40 hours per month to 2 hours per month. I am currently using it on 4 of my websites and the cost of $19.95 per month per site, (multiple site discounts available), it has well been worth it to my company as well as my mental stability.  Thank you for making my life easier and providing and an important customer service feature to my websites." - Allen Magers, 

"I began using LinksManager early 2006 and had been struggling with SEO for a year. I'd been blacklisted from Google twice, and my rankings when I was indexed were poor. After nearly tossing in my cap altogether and completely writing off the revenue potential of my website, I noticed one of my competitors was using LinksManager. I checked it out and thought it looked promising. Best choice of my business career. In just half a year, Google now ranks my site on the 1st page for most of my really important keyword phrases and my site traffic has increased 20x! My business now receives the vast majority of its customers from organic searches, and I credit a huge portion of that success to the high quality and RELEVANT links that I've acquired through my LinksManager software. Take my word for it: stop trying to outsmart Google. You're going to fail. Try giving Google what they want which is quality content and relevant link popularity. It works. And LinksManager makes it effortless." - Trygve Bundgaard,

"I have been using LinksManager ever since 2003 and love every minute of it. LOVE THE FEATURES. BEST ONE IS the reciprocating links checker, it lets you know who is and who is not reciprocating so you can delete them or email them and let them know that you know that they are not reciprocating. Links manager makes it so much easier to have links pages. You don't have to go and add peoples link information if you don't want to, they have add their own. When you send an email their information for the link exchange can automatically be there so they will not have to ask "Where is my link on your site" or "Will you let me know when my link is up". If for nothing else I love LinksManager for that much. Another reason I love LinksManager is because my links page look just like the rest of my site and no one knows that it is LinksManager unless I tell them. It is so helpful not have to do all this work by manually adding links. If I had to do that, I would have a very small links page." - Debra Glinsey,

WHAT A GREAT SERVICE :)  I paid $2950 for software similar to what you have here, but it eats up so much resources and there are problems etc, having a managed service made my life so much easier on these 3 sites already. - James M. Adult website, so links page URL not shown.

"I work with a lot of companies over the web, and I have to say without exception LinksManager is by far the most helpful, the most responsive and the most professional I have come across!  I am very impressed. "  - President, GPNet Publishing, Adult website, so links page URL not shown

"I have to say, I have never dealt with a company in the 5 years that I have been working on the net that is so responsive, that seems to take so much interest in catering every request, even the small mundane ones.  Not just one person, but everyone I have dealt with.  Thank you very much, I appreciate it."  - Exclusive Concepts, Inc.,

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