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Consider These Linking Equations

Linking = Traffic. Traffic = Sales. Sales = Cash.

Low-Cost + User Friendly + Time Savings = LinksManager.

LinksManager = Profits.

There are many reasons why successful sites all hyperlink to other sites, but the major one is money. Google, Inc., whose search-engine index contains more links to more websites than any of its competitors, made a 2008 gross profit of more than $13 billion dollars from those links. Without links, Google and millions of other sites would simply cease to exist.

Five Reasons You Need To Link

  • Linking to compatible sites is the only effective, zero-cost way to market your site. It gives uncounted thousands of potential customers single-click access to your website.

  • Potential customers who visit your site via a relevant reciprocal link have already indicated an interest in your product and services and are much more likely to buy than random site visitors.

  • Reciprocal linking is the e-commerce version of word-of-mouth advertising. It is equivalent to a trusted business person giving one of their customers your card; a very powerful endorsement.

  • Interesting, useful content on linked sites is a potent value-add for your visitors, giving them information they want and building your site's credibility as an "authority site.

  • Links are a major element in major search-engine ranking algorithms. In Google's words,* "Links help our crawlers find your site and can give your site greater visibility in our search results.

Five Reasons You Need To Link Up With LinksManager

  • LinksManager's patented, editor-based technology combines maximum link building and management productivity with 100 percent search-engine and web best practices compliance.

  • LinksManager is NOT rocket science. Thousands of non-techno small-business site operators have been using its simplified, plain-English Control Panel for more than ten years.

  • LinksManager gives you total control over your content without the time-wasting drudgery involved in trying to manually get, post and manage tens or hundreds of links.

  • LinksManager is scalable to grow with your business. Free add-ons like LinkLets, LinkBlogs, and Deep Linking tools make expanding your simple link directory into a dynamic presence easy.

LinksManager offers a fully functional free trial, nominal subscription rates, a 24/7/365 Help Desk, the most extensive library of linking tips, shortcuts, and how-tos in cyberspace, and free access to the directory of quality sites seeking link partners.